Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Decent Response to Contraversy

If only more Christians could think and act in a more generous way, like the dean.

When being questioned about the controversy about the upcoming release of the Da Vinci Code movie:

“I think anything in this day and age which causes people to think about the Christian faith is a good thing, and even if the claims are widely off the mark it gives me and other people a chance to say, well, perhaps you should look at it this way.”

Graeme Lawrence – Dean of Newcastle (Reported in Newcastle Herald, p 17)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spirituality or Sexuality

How often do we confuse sexuality and spirituality, be it denying the sexual and replacing it with the spiritual or by denying the spiritual and replacing it with the sexual. This denying may not be outright or even conscious. I know for me in the past it wasn't conscious. The question I ask myself, is should this site be a porn site … maybe?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

God began it with darkness and darkness wasn’t removed, rather it became part of the whole.

Today I by chance was moved to read the beginning of the Hebrew Scriptures Genesis 1:1-5, how my soul leaped for joy as I came across darkness and God; side by side. For the story starts with God creating the universe, the heavens and the earth. For it says that the earth was cloaked in darkness (NLT) \ it says, “The raging ocean that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness” (GNB). It says “..and darkness was on the face of the deep” (KVJV). It says, “darkness was over the surface of the deep” (NIV). But who or what was amongst this darkness? We are told that it was the Spirit of God hovering (NKJV \ NLT \ NIV); The Power of God moving over the water (GNB);

Do we pause here and ponder the first act, or is the first act still in progress?

For as we continue reading, God goes on and creates light and says it’s good, but he doesn’t get rid of darkness, he rather divides \ separates darkness and light, calling them day and night (vs 3,4).

Further down the passage in verses 14-17 God creates the sun and moon to preside over the day and night and also stars. Interestingly these two bright lights were to be signs (vs14) to mark off the seasons, the days and the years. Also interesting is the word preside (also translated govern and rule), especially when you read later on in Genesis chapter 1, how these same words of seemingly dominant language are also used to describe humankinds relationship to earth and animals. I suspect it’s not about dominance, but rather of care and protection. But that’s for another discussion.

It seems the beginning of the whole, including darkness and light ends with God being happy and seeing it as good. Interestingly the story doesn’t start with bad news, of evil or for that matter, darkness being a bad thing. It starts with God and God creating, what seems to be a sequence of events; ending with “and it was good”. Seemingly not saying the first was bad or the next was better, just that at each step “it was good”.

So I still love the darkness and think it’s good.

The Mystical Wanderer.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I love darkness

I love darkness, for in the darkness of the night you can see the light.

The candles burn and flicker away. The candles make sense in darkness. For darkness brings a different perspective to life and light.

For without darkness would light make sense, would the totality of its beauty be seen and experienced?

But without light, darkness would be hopelessness and fear, for we would be afraid.

But with light comes hope, it removes fear.

Darkness + Light

I lookup and see the stars shining, only because it's dark. I look out and see the lights of the city flickering in beautiful harmony, only because it's dark. For if there were no darkness and only light there would be beauty in the sky and the view of the city, but it would be different.

I look at myself and see joy + freedom that I didn't see when I was only walking in the light, for by walking in the darkness I seem to naturally see the light. A new and different perspective that compliments.

I wonder what the scriptures say about darkness from a positive perspective, I've heard much negative, but I wander if in fact there might be a good deal from a positive? Does it even matter?

Does darkness = evil? or is evil more easily hidden by darkness? Does that make darkness in and of itself evil or bad?

My International Bible Dictionary p.255 says "Mankind has long associated it with evil, danger, crime" yet in the complete dictionary of symbols p.142 it goes further and says "In mystic thought, light and dark are equally necessary: darkness precedes light as death proceeds resurrection". I guess I'm the more mystical type.

Greater than ourselves

I find it interesting how there are moments in ones life when we are reminded that we are not the centre and our issues and struggles are not the greatest, actually far from it.

I by chance attended an Anzac Rememberance service at the local Cathedral. Across the ilse from me were what I assume army cadets, probably 18 - 30 yo. And the man at the front said 1000 men lost their lives in WW1 form Newcastle, many so young as these boys, about the age of my cousins and their friends who were paying around this easter. So young.

And so I remember those who have gone before and those who serve our country and others in the cause of peace and justice.