Saturday, October 14, 2006

If from fear is it still our choice

I wonder, if we do something out of fear is it still a decision of choice, an act of our own free will or is it something else?


If we do something because we are scared of negative repercussions; possible punishment, is it still our decision?


If we fear an after life which includes the possibility of a separation from God and loved ones or some form of torment or punishment or absolute nothingness, I suspect our whole life may be framed in part or whole by fear or anxiety.


I feel it's quite ironic that within versions of Christianity which seem to have a message of assurance of the positive after life "by faith not works" and includes a message of no fear of the negative afterlife; condemnation \ hell fire etc for those who are "in", actually end up creating within their devotee's the antitheses of their message; a ego centric fear and anxiety within themselves and for others.



I've found Brian D. Malaren’s books like the "New King of Christian" series and "Generous Orthodoxy" most helpful of hearing a different take on things.