Monday, February 19, 2007

Full load of shit

Ever smelled shit but couldn't quit pin where it was? Well while driving home today I could smell what I suspected was cow shit and thought I bet there is a cattle truck up ahead. Yep, about 10mins later I found it and boy was the liquid flowing and speks flying and covering my wind screen. Thought it was all okay until I got home and got out of the car in my garage, nope a wee bit smelly.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Humankind is a Minister and Interpreter of nature

"Man, as the minister and interpreter of nature, does and understands as much as his observations on the order of nature, either with regard to things or the mind, permit him, and neither knows nor is capable of more"

I picked up this Francis Bacon book today and read that first opening sentance. Humanity as a Minister and Interpretor of nature. Minister, how wonderful, not conquerer, not just caretaker but perhaps one who even serves creation "Ministers" to creation. When I think of Interpreter I that makes me think that we have something to learn, then perhaps creation is our teacher?

Quote from: "Novum Organum".