Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nazcar Ode to the Dead

The day after I'd visisted the desert outside Nazcar and saw various mummies I penned the following words on the overnight bus to Arequipa as a response.

"Surrounded by beauty death surrounds
Babies hands, the long hair demands
The mountains know the truth
Dignity to the dead. What would they think? What do they think?
We walk casually around the path, and stand under the shadows of the dead.
Is this sacrelidge or is it necessity?
Photos indiscriminate, Mother, Father, Son and Female child
Bones of love trampled with memories under foot.
Taxis stir up dirt and sells the skirt
Rest my friend, rest in peace. Rest under the shadows of the Haphazidness
May the mountains sing, sing a song a song of hope
Rest and rise to new birth as hope and life is born to the earth."

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Etheopian Church

On the flight to Peru I watched Discovery channel "keepers of the lost ark". I found it most intriging, a very ancient indiginous Church, seemingly keeping some O.T rituals but also lot´s of drumming and dancing in their liturgies. Their Priests and Deacons (1 in 5 men) dressed not much different to the robes that the villagers wear. They prayed what looked to me not unlike Muslims on the ground. Quite different to the the dress that the Western church wears and even what I´ve seen in Eastern Orthodox. I was struck by the indiginousness. Apparently Etheopia was never collenised. When I get home i intend to investigate more.