Monday, October 29, 2007

Baptism of a child

I attended an infant Baptism yesterday.

I was reflecting. The child has no say in the matter. The parents are making the decision. In a sense nothing is being asked of the child, although over time there is 'hope' that the child will engage bit by bit in the Christian faith.

What struck me was some how there seems to be an analogy to the grace of God. That un merited favour where he just gives to us without asking anything in return, he's just there, he just blesses us, says "good on you",  welcomes us, shows us a better way. My suspicion is that through Christ something special was accomplished and continues and is offered, freely. That something that made people flock to him, people who were not welcome in some peoples homes, shops, cafes. Yet when he was around they seemed to be always welcome to sit and share a meal and company with him, seemingly no strings attached. In a way if you kind of forget the possibility that Jesus "could read minds" people were welcome without really knowing who they were, what they'd done, where they'd been; be it good or not so good.

So as I reflect on infant baptism, I take comfort in something that is offered and given to the child by his \ her parents, those present and by God. In fact in the broader understanding that part of baptism is actually formal entrance into the Church, God's people universal essentially welcome this person "site unseen", taking a risk that this person may or may not turn out be a wonderful person or a person who shares in the Christian faith.

From the day of baptism, from that moment, something occurs and happens and the child is different and has something it didn't have before. How very cool. he \ she is made "holy" and is "saved" and at the same time salvation and holiness continues and has only just begun on a road that will lead far beyond.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Liturgy of the Zoo

I was in hysterics from the moment I got out of my car for the next hour or so (the following day!)

Newcastle Anglican Cathedral had invited Novacastrians to bring their Animals to a service to Give thanks for Creation and also blessing of the Animals

Well I walked through the door to be met by lot's of animals, mostly dogs of all shapes and sizes. It was the funniest and strangest thing. It was a very formal and all proper like service with choir, pipe organ, robed clergy & servers and all in a Beautiful old Cathedral. The service was essentially a normal Evensong but a difference. This time there were dogs barking, snarling and growling etc.

I sat next to a Lady Wippet dog with her own Perls around her neck. In font was a lady dressed in leopard skin style top with two fat Korgy's, her hair was the same colour and styled in the same way! To my left in the aisle was a number of very large dogs mostly golden retrievers. Behind me was an old lady dressed in black with a hat holding her very large black sausage dog.

The place was really like a zoo. Some being held by their owners, others laying on the ground and still others walking around. Cats seemed to stay in their cages, I didn't blame them ... heaps of dogs.

Also on my left was this one, my favourite

I couldn't stop laughing and later on i turned around and saw these three dogs sitting on the pew all in a row, that put me in absolute hysterics!

There was no smell of incense just that dirty dog smell.

It was nice to see the Church taking in interest in creation and peoples pets as pets mean so much to people and to have the blessed is very special. It was lovely, a bit quaint, fucking strange and just so very very funny, I'm still laughing.

How funny it was to look around at people and then look at their pets, they looked just so similar. Pets really do look like their owners.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Jesus and Resurection

I was reflecting. Maybe Jesus didn't literally rise from the dead. Does this really matter? Many would argue absolutely, and that's okay. But for now I reflect maybe it's his spirit, his inspiration that lives on. Kind of puts a different spin on things, maybe even a greater sense of action for his followers to carry on that same spirit of love, justice and compassion of which he was on about. Perhaps it offers more of a focus on helping bring about change in this world and not being complacent or just giving up and waiting for the next. Assuming there is a next of course.