Sunday, September 28, 2008

Service of Others

"The Christian faith shapes us for service of others"

My journey into myself these past few years has led me more and more to a sense that there is something very positive in the other and self giving to others and that we impede our own happiness when we stop giving.

Quote from Bishop Brian. Well that's at least what I think he said.

The concept of ONE

"It does not do to neglect the gods of a place, whoever they may be. In the end, they are all one."

It struck me, what do we mean by the word "one", it seems to me that the word, one has multiple levels, some physical, some spiritual some metaphorical.
Sometimes there is a lot of talk about "one God" yet we say there is "one body" and that body is physically multiple peoples. There is talk about "one God" yet that one God is three. So for religions where there are many god's what does this mean? Is there something quite hugely different or in fact is it possible there is actually amazing closeness, especially when you consider the divinity in each person. I really must look into the Eastern Churches concept of human divinity.

I'll have to think some more on the concept of ONE.

Quote from Mary Stewart's "The Crystal Cave" p62. Spoken by Galapas to Merlin

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I walk in circles surrounded by inner darkness
disconnected from myself and others
longing for company yet living a life of selfish indulgence
running from the very thing I need
I wish I could be an open book