Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raw and Honest Call to Worship

Last night I attended an ecumenical service at the Cathedral to pray for those affected by the bush fires. Such a sad time for so many.
I found the opening prayer very helpful for it was raw and honest.

'A litany of welcome'

We come to offer this time to God and to bring ourselves to God's presence.

If you come in certainty or in confusion, or  in anger,
All: this time is for us.

If you come in silent suffering or hidden sorrow, in pain or promise,
All: this time is for us.

If you come for your own or another's need, for a private wound or the wound of our nation.
All: this time is for us

If you come, and do not know why, to be here is enough.
All: This time is for us all

Come now, Christ of the forgiving warmth
Come now, Christ of the yearning tears
Come now, Christ of the transforming touch.
All: This time is for you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Prayer for Listening to News of Disaster

God of life and nature, death and disaster
be God for us at this time.

As a death count rises
and reports of devastation continue
shake us from our disconnect
and remind us of our fragile humanity

May I, driving in my air-conditioned car
not withdraw from the sounds of those whose only possession is loss

May you be found in the rebuilding
of lives, homes and townships
and in government and community response

May my response be motivated by your compassion

May I be reminded that you, too
were once homeless, seeking refuge amidst great death and sadness
As then, so now
draw close to those who cry out.


By my Friend Stuart Davey, 9th February, 2009