Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Many things to a people

"I know that when the Aborigines look at their land and sea their view is different from mine, For them it is a supermarket, a hardware store, a pharmacy, a library, a museum, a place of worship, an art gallery, and all of these things interconnected within their souls ... but I can only ever see one at a time."

I read the quote above yesterday and thought it was beautiful as I was coming to the end of the book. Today I finished the book and have been a little jolted into how quick things can change in peoples lives and good people at that, Tracey the author and main character in the book is now a quadriplegic. Very sad that such a thing would happen to such a beautiful caring person who lived life to the full and life of serving others. I do hope she has support around her and that things work out for her.

From the Book"The full catastrophe" by Tracey Leonard .p260. A Hodder Book 1999