Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No Wakeboarding in the Kiddies Pool

I saw the coolest thing today down at an Ocean Swimming Pool while I was out walking \ running.
These two young guys were "wake boarding" in the kiddies pool.
Very ingenious, they'd setup at one end tied to a pole a winch connected to a a 2 stroke engine (like you'd have on a small pump or generator). On the rope they had a Ski pole and one would walk to the end of the pool with the rope, give the command and the other would start the engine and off the boy would ski until he came a croppa.

Good on you boys, no doubt someone will come and spoil your fun, but enjoy it while it lasts cause I saw no sign that says "No wakeboarding in the Kiddies Pool"!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tie with God, the Irony

Today I was inspired by a few words mid sentence in an email from a friend who essentially said "what do we include in our lives as an expression of a tie with God in the company of others?".
The ironic or perhaps wise part is that even though the sentiment still resonates with me, I'm still heading for the door as I exit the Church stage left. This year is going to be good but different year than I expected.