Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shadowy Perspectives

I sit on a seat in the garden, under the blue sky with a scattering of clouds on a sunny summers day. The cool breeze brings refreshment from the sun rays as they increase their intensity on my skin. While contemplating life and how blessed I am - I observe nothing in particular. But then my attention is directed to the green grass under a small tree. 

A shadow appears, disappears, reappears and so on. There are different intensities and here I see the leaves of the tree moving - yet I don't.  What I'm looking at is grass. Green short freshly mowed grass. Yet the image of the tree keeps moving and changing.  But still I'm  just looking at grass, it's not moving it's still. I try to focus on the grass, yet I'm distracted by the shadow which causes the grass to momentarily disappear.

What is it that I'm experiencing? What is it that I'm seeing? What is real? What is perceived? It would appear both!  Yet one is occurring in a different place. Yet they are both occurring in the same place. Which one brings peace,  suffering or warning? Well that all depends on the moment in time and how I choose to focus my attention.

And so today I've learnt a little more about perspective and for this I'm truly grateful.